Coffee Consultation

Paige offers coffee consultations for small businesses looking for advice on branding, marketing, and carving out a niche in their industries. Learn how to become a go-to expert in your field and what next steps you should take for building your business’ reputation. These one-on-one marketing and PR consults will get you brainstorming and help you figure out how to start building buzz. By the end of the consultation you should have a clear action plan that excites and inspires you.

NEW! Just want to “pick my brain” for an hour? Paige now also offers brief consultations via video chat through Copper.

"After my Coffee Consultation with Paige I felt confident about how to organize and present our social media and branding, and more importantly, why. The advice she provided continues to help us refocus to this day!  Totally worth it! "
- Kei Kurimoto, Down Dog Healing Cafe

"The Coffee Consultation really helped me focus my marketing strategy and determine the best use of my resources. Paige thoroughly prepared for our meeting and gave me great leads on how I can better connect with the media and expand my referral network. "
- Alison Altman Gross, Estate Planning, Administration & Litigation

"I just had my first Coffee Consultation with Paige and she gave me some invaluable advice on how to build my brand. I am looking forward to working with Paige further to help bring my business to the next level."
- Sabrina Sarabella, Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

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