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As both a publicist and an author, blogger, and social influencer, Paige brings a unique perspective to the ever-changing world of social media and brand relationships. She can create, grow, and manage social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Paige has also created and managed influencer and ambassador programs for both small and large corporations and nonprofit organizations.

We absolutely love working with Paige. She is not only fun to work with but effective as well. She has a great ability to see connections among her clients and create unique and innovative partnerships. She creates a buzz and you can’t help but get caught up in her passion for her projects.

Sheri K. Cole

Executive Director, Career Wardrobe

We were running an Indiegogo campaign to promote our solar education class but we were generating no PR coverage. Paige was instrumental in getting us into numerous print/radio venues in a very short time frame. The coverage was helpful for our campaign as well as for our overall branding.

Akil Marsh

Solar States

As soon as we started working with Paige, she hit the ground running! Her hard work and dedication has given our company the steady media exposure we were looking for!

Patricia Walker

Board & Batten Skincare

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