Political Communications

As a progressive advocate and activist, Paige is passionate about using her communications skills to help advance Democratic politicians and policy. Paige has refined communications strategies and policy statements for political candidates, written and placed Op-Eds for non-profit executives, and worked at a grassroots level to change policies and help get candidates elected into office.

In 2020, Paige served as Communications Director for the Democratic candidate in one of the most Republican-leaning Senate districts in Pennsylvania. She worked with her candidate to campaign over an expanse of eight rural counties, leading up messaging, marketing, public relations, Web site development, social media, community relations, fundraising, and advertising.

She currently serves as Communications Director for Deja Alvarez, who is running to become the first trans state representative in Pennsylvania. 

She has also done writing, communications, and lobbying work for Moms Clean Air Force, and writes about activism and policy for Philadelphia Inquirer, Shareable, Keystone Edge (PA.gov), Grid, and more.

The only match for Paige’s passion and compassion is her level of experience and her keen insight into contemporary progressive politics both nationally and in her own backyard.

Brian Sims

Member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Paige provided professional communications, strategic targeting, and authentic customized interfacing with the public – including social media and fundraising. Her level of service and attention to detail is incomparable. Paige immediately captured my voice and embraced the difficult parameters of this campaign while elevating its profile. Paige was not only indispensable – she adopted my voice and became my left brain and right arm.

Margie Brown

Candidate for PA State Senate

After only a 20-minute introductory conversation, I could tell that Paige was someone I needed to listen to and wanted on my team.  Paige zeroed in on where I need to improve and provided specific guidance on how to improve those areas.  In this short time, Paige made it clear that my campaign was important, and that she handles her clients personally. She was affable but direct and to the point, which is what someone running a political campaign absolutely needs.

Joanna Bryn Smith

Candidate for PA House of Representatives

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