Coffee Consultation

Whether you are considering a run for office, opening a small business, or looking for ideas to improve communications for your existing brand, Paige’s coffee consultations are a cost-effective way to get advice on branding, messaging, marketing, and media relations. These one-on-one marketing and PR consults will get you brainstorming and give you a clear action plan that excites and inspires you.

After my Coffee Consultation with Paige I felt confident about how to organize and present our social media and branding, and more importantly, why. The advice she provided continues to help us refocus to this day!  Totally worth it!

Kei Kurimoto

Down Dog Healing Cafe

After only a 20-minute introductory conversation, I could tell that Paige was someone I needed to listen to and wanted on my team.  Paige zeroed in on where I need to improve and provided specific guidance on how to improve those areas.  In this short time, Paige made it clear that my campaign was important, and that she handles her clients personally. She was affable but direct and to the point, which is what someone running a political campaign absolutely needs.

Joanna Bryn Smith

Candidate for PA House of Representatives

I took a chance on a Coffee Consultation when I was feeling stuck with my business. I wasn’t expecting our date to be so fabulous! Not only did Paige give me an honest and intelligent assessment of my target market, where I was erring, and where I could grow my offerings, but she also helped me to think strategically about how to better network to grow my business. Most importantly, Paige was personable, kind, funny, honest, and a pleasure to chat with over coffee; she’s an interesting and interested woman who is doing lots of fascinating things within and outside of her business, and she’s genuinely curious about the person across the table from her. 

Justine Haemmerli


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